My name is Emily Rossi, and I am, as my twitter bio so wonderfully puts it: A writer, avid coffee drinker, Hufflepuff, and English/Anthropology major at Mercyhurst. Cue New York City skyline in the background and a Tim Hortons cup in my hand and that’s me. This blog is for the purpose of sharing what I have learned and as a way to force me to learn more. Combining anthropology and English, my two loves, I hope to give you a break from life if you so choose to wander through my creative writings, or to educate you on the issues of our time. Don’t get too annoyed if you find a random piece on a new musical or on the importance of coffee; two of my other dear loves in this world. I hope to inspire you and create new understandings of our world, but also to connect with you and tell my side of the story. That’s the theme of my beliefs; everybody has a story.


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