"Thrive where others have failed/ A revolving door of popular/ Paper moon..."

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  The hum of the bum car takes me there. There are too many lights, the stars are shy. The fuzz of the old radio delights. I hear a song and claim it. Bumps of lone anticipation, my arms spotless Siberia, but my heart flushed. Trying to tear through my flesh as soft singing sleeps... Continue Reading →

Your worth is not some measurement It can't be put up against a ruler It's already been set Put up alongside everyone else Side by side In the palm of His bleeding hand

It was a normal hiemal, Erie day. Chilly and bleak. Most people remained cooped up in their homes, covered in as many layers as possible while still being able to reach for their steaming drinks. Perhaps families were sitting down to watch some animated feature, or a mother was preparing dinner, or maybe a teenager... Continue Reading →

The music from the piano jumped from the keys and into her ears. Sometimes she’d close her eyes and pretend she wasn’t stuck behind a bar, with smoke twirling around her, sticking to her hair, and following her home. Then, there were them men. Always drunk, and always juvenile. She had always loved the piano... Continue Reading →

It's hard to get over you It's hard to make that leap Because I can't imagine falling any further Down It's hard to get over you When your leg still touches mine

  Pressure on my chest   Suffocating   There are three of us   But a lot of the times it feels like two   I am here, I promise   But wrong makes noise   And right hides in their shadow  

  This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online and can be found there as well: Let’s talk about a word, but not just any word. This word is one that many people roll their eyes at, scoff at in annoyance, or swear by. Others swear by the word. The term I am referencing... Continue Reading →

"She met his eyes and she wondered again if he finally saw it. If he finally realized she wasn’t there anymore."

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